Negotiation Consultancy

Do you have a business challenge, project or problem?

Scotwork has helped many clients to complete the successful implementation of projects like: 

  • changing the nature of union - management negotiations;
  • implementing cost-reduction programmes;
  • changing the global terms of trade;
  • rolling out new pricing strategies;
  • blending two different business cultures post-merger;
  • negotiating a major contract; 
  • instilling a "can do" mind-set in a management team.

The first phase costs nothing as we spend time getting to understand the nature of the project and how appropriate our negotiating expertise might be. 

This will be followed by a detailed proposal of our recommendations. It can involve stand alone consultancy, individual coaching, designing and running webcasts, team preparation, as well as skills development.

Part of the team

You can have Scotwork's considerable negotiation skills and experience of the issues on your side when facing significant challenges or difficult change.

Scotwork will come on board in a consultancy role for a short or long-term assignment.


Perhaps your company might benefit from a personal coach to challenge senior individuals to perform at their best and to help them measure up with a personal programme that makes the most of their individual strengths. Here, Scotwork can have a lasting contribution.


Sometimes before a key negotiation takes place, it's useful to practise how to deal with the issues and challenges that might come up. Our clients find that this gives them confidence, control and a vital commercial advantage in difficult situations. 

Strategy Development

Scotwork will help you fully understand and appreciate the differences between the various strategic options you face.Together, we'll create and model outcomes that aid the process of negotiation and get you what you want, even in very difficult trading situations.