Culture Change

Is your business a Negotiating organisation? Is it adaptable, open, collegiate, focused, able to compete and survive in a competitive environment?

Does the current economic climate weigh on your staff morale? Does your team need to be re-energised, given a positive mind-set and provided with new tools to handle the challenges?

Scotwork can help you meet these challenges.

We define a "negotiating organisation" as one which meets a number of tests:

Is negotiating at the heart of the business? Is the ability to negotiate seen as one of the core competencies that managers need to deliver the corporate objectives? Does the business culture encourage open discussion of conflicting interests? Do the managers see negotiating as a means of achieving their priorities while accommodating the need of others?

What does a "Good deal" look like? Do the individuals in the business understand what represents a good deal to their department?  

Are the performance incentives aligned with achieving a good deal? Are the sellers, buyers and implementers motivated and rewarded for delivering the best deal for the business? Are the different schemes aligned to the same end?

Does the business value long-term value creation? Are suppliers and customers treated as partners? Do short term performance measures overrule longer term benefits?

Does the business leverage information and expertise wisely?  Do the systems capture the context or just the facts about the deal? Are there processes for gathering the qualitative information about negotiations, drawing lessons and making them accessible to others within the business?

Is there a common language and framework for negotiations? Can different departments communicate effectively about their negotiations? Is there a shared understanding of the negotiating process? Is there a shared language to allow for an effective post-negotiation debrief?

Do they have an effective preparation process prior to major negotiations? Do they have processes to support, reinforce, encourage and apply the negotiating process?

Do they undertake effective negotiating skills development?  Do the senior managers undertake the same skills development process as their staff? Do they value training by briefing participants effectively in advance, by debriefing afterwards, by setting action plans, by applying the processes and measuring the outcomes?

Scotwork can provide a full consulting service to help your business or division become an effective negotiating organisation.

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