Why Scotwork

Learn from the best in the business

Companies and individuals choose Scotwork because it teaches them an important lesson. How to trade something you value less for something you value more.

Despite conflict, competing agendas, or a hostile business environment, the skilled negotiator will succeed.

They'll almost always be able to find a truly 'win-win' route. Scotwork will develop your negotiation skills, so you can walk away with an enhanced business relationship, not a damaged one.

Good negotiators' skills don't just improve profits and margins; they win more business and give a more competitive edge.


With the right negotiating skills, your people can become more confident and productive too.  More likely to step up and lead. More inclined to embrace change. Able to get the most out of every business relationship, internal and external. 

Empowered to get things done efficiently, quickly and professionally.

Nobody does negotiation skills development like Scotwork.

The Scotwork Difference - see what our participants have to say about Scotwork.