Stephen White - Managing Partner

Stephen White - Managing Partner - ScotworkRaised and educated in Leeds, England, he read Commerce and Law at Leeds University, graduating in 1970. He acquired his business negotiating skills in sales and marketing management positions with Metal Box (later acquired by Crown Holdings) and Reed International PLC, over a period of 12 years.


In 1984, Stephen joined John McMillan in Scotwork and has played a leading part in the growth of the firm since then, initially in the UK and then across the world.  Stephen's expertise in global sales has been of particular value to clients looking to improve negotiating competence and consistency at operational and management levels across their international operations.


Stephen has acted as a negotiating adviser to a number of corporate clients, including advertising agencies, government departments, broadcasters and many multinational companies in more than 40 countries. He is regularly asked to speak at conferences and share his views and insights at senior executive committee meetings.


Since 2001, Stephen has been Managing Partner of Scotwork UK LLP.  He also leads global sales initiatives for the Scotwork network and acts as senior project manager for complex client assignments.