Timothy Wong - Senior Consultant

Timothy Wong (Low Res)

Timothy is a seasoned businessman with in depth knowledge of regional and international negotiation.

Timothy was the director and general manager of an advanced instrument  trading company in Hong Kong. With over 10 years of experience in the trading business, Timothy gained in-depth negotiation experience with suppliers from USA, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Japan, Israel and India. He also has an extensive experience in dealing with state-owned enterprise, private owned enterprise and university customer in China.

He was also responsible for the P&L of the company and managed teams of sales and marketing personnel in China and India which gave him solid internal negotiation experience with board of directors and internal staff.

As certified trainer and level 2 thermographer, he delivered seminar and training courses in Universities in China on thermography and provided thermography service to various sectors of customers including electrical, building and industrial.

Timothy is a fluent speaker of English, Mandarin and Cantonese. He delivers lively and engaging Scotwork negotiation courses in Hong Kong, PR of China, Taiwan and Japan.

He received his bachelor degree in University of Wisconsin-Madison and MBA in Hong Kong University.

American Football and soccer are both his passion. Being a long time fan of Liverpool FC, positive thinking is something you can expect from him.